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Cairo, Egypt

Cairo which means "the Vanquisher" or "the Triumphant" is the capital and largest city of Egypt.  It is the Arab World's largest and Africa's second most populous city.  Today, Greater Cairo homes various historic towns and modern districts.  A journey through Cairo is virtual time travel:  from the Pyramids, the Hanging Church, Saladin's Citadel, the Virgin Mary's Tree, the Sphinx, and Heliopolis, to Al-Azhar, the Mosque of Amr ibn al-A'as, Saqqara, the Cairo Tower, and the Old City.  It is the Capital of Egypt and its history is intertwined with that of the country.

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Cairo International Airport (CAI)

Journey Time to City Centre:

30 - 60 minutes

Time Zone:

Standard Time GMT +2; Daylight Saving Time GMT +3


Egyptian Pound


220V 50Hz





Dialing Code:



In Cairo, and along the Nile River Valley, the climate is desert-like, but often with high humidity due to the river valley's effects. Wind storms can be frequent, bringing Saharan dust into the city during the months of March and April.

Major Attractions:

Coptic Museum, Egyptian Museum, Moqattam Hills, Museum of Islamic Art, Sultan Hasan Mosque